Best 25 Ping Sites list for Faster Indexing of New Post

Ping Service is a free automatic online tools that easily promotes your blog or website by indexing page to different search engines automatically.The benefits of ping are faster indexing of all Search Engines and boostup more organic traffic. Ping services are used by ping websites. Works on behalf of any type blog site or website. There are many ping services sites in the online world.all are not real or usefull for website.
I have given a list of active high PR Ping sites list below. Just click on the right columnf (submit site to ………) from ping sites list table.

No Ping Sites PageRank Submit Your Website
1. feedburner.google.com 9 Submit site to feedburner.google.com
2. blogsearch.google.com 7 Submit site to blogsearch.google.com
3. blo.gs 6 Submit site to blo.gs
4. icerocket.com 6 Submit site to icerocket.com
5. mypagerank.net 6 Submit site to mypagerank.net
6. pingomatic.com 6 Submit site topingomatic.com
7. auto-ping.com 5 Submit site to auto-ping.com
8. bitacoras.com 5 Submit site to bitacoras.com
9. feedshark.brainbliss.com 5 Submit site to feedshark.brainbliss.com
10. pingmyblog.com 4 Submit site to pingmyblog.comng
11. ping.in 4 Submit site to ping.in
12. pingler.com 4 Submit site to pingler.com
13. rpc.weblogs.com 4 Submit site to rpc.weblogs.com
14. totalping.com 4 Submit site to totalping.com
15. autopinger.com 3 Submit site to autopinger.com
16. bulkping.com 3 Submit site to bulkping.com
17. googleping.com 3 Submit site to googleping.com
18. pingfarm.com 3 Submit site to pingfarm.com
19. pingoat.net 3 Submit site to pingoat.net
20. blogbuzzer.com 2 Submit site to blogbuzzer.com
21. backlinkping.com 2 Submit site to backlinkping.com
22. pingates.com 2 Submit site to pingates.com
23. pingbomb.com 2 Submit site topingbomb.com
24. pingsitemap.com 2 Submit site to pingsitemap.com
25. 2

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